Eye: Conjuctivitis

Conjunctivitis   Is an infection or inflammation of the conjunctiva. CausesMicrobial infection (exogenous microbes -bacteria (eg, Chlamydia), viruses, fungus, and...

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Burns: Rehabilitation

RehabilitationFormal rehabilitation starts once the client is healed and able to resume a level of self  care activity2 weeks or...

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Burns: Legal Aspects

Legal aspectsFour ethical principles and values that are integral to the professional nurse's practice.AutonomyRespect for the individual's choice, regarding his...

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Burns: Management of Burns- The Emergent or Resuscitative phase

1. Emergent phaseGoals·         Secure airway·         Support circulation by fluid replacement·         Keep the victim comfortable with analgesics·         Prevent infection through careful wound care·         Maintain body temperature·         Provide...

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