Pharmacology mnemonics Part 1

Pharmacology MnemonicsMorphine: side-effects MORPHINE: Myosis Out of it (sedation) Respiratory depression Pneumonia (aspiration) Hypotension Infrequency (constipation, urinary retention) Nausea Emesis...

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Microbiology Mnemonics Collection part-2

AIDS pathogens (T-cell suppression) worth knowing "The Major Pathogens Concerning Complete T-Cell Collapse": Toxoplasma gondii M. avium intracellulare Pneumocystis carinii Candida albicans Cryptococcus neoformans Tuberculosis CMV Cryptosporidium parvum Tetanus: treatment for infection SAD RAT: Sedation Antitoxin Debridement Relaxant Antibiotic Tracheostomy Placenta-crossing organisms/ antenatal Infections STARCH: Syphilis Toxoplasmosis AIDS (HIV) Rubella CMV Herpes/ Hepatitis Typhus:...

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